Slayer Retirement Parties – Final Tour 2018 & 2019

Deze gesealde 4 discs box set bevat opnames van Graspop 2019 en Austin Texas 2018.

The Final World Tour (also referred to as The Farewell Tour) was the final concert tour by American thrash metal band Slayer, which began on May 10, 2018, and ended on November 30, 2019. The tour, consisting of 147 shows worldwide, served as a conclusion of the band’s three-and-a-half-decade-long career.

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Slayer Farewell Tour

The Final Tour 2 Cd  en 2 Dvd box set van Slayer


  • Recorded Live At Graspop Metal Meeting, Festival Park, Stenehei, Dessel, Belgium, June 21, 2019

CD1-1 Intro: Delusions of Saviour 1:50
CD1-2 Repentless 3:25
CD1-3 Evil Has No Boundaries 2:55
CD1-4 World Painted Blood 4:58
CD1-5 Postmortem 3:52
CD1-6 Hate Worldwide 4:46
CD1-7 War Ensemble 5:08
CD1-8 Gemini 4:45
CD1-9 Disciple 3:58
CD1-10 Mandatory Suicide 3:45
CD1-11 Chemical Warfare 6:44
CD1-12 Payback 3:33
CD2-1 Temptation 3:34
CD2-2 Born Of Fire 3:32
CD2-3 Seasons In The Abyss 5:54
CD2-4 Hell Awaits 5:35
CD2-5 South Of Heaven 4:12
CD2-6 Raining Blood 3:42
CD2-7 Black Magic 3:48
CD2-8 Dead Skin Mask 5:01
CD2-9 Angel Of Death 4:59
CD2-10 Thank you and Goodbye Speech 9:27
Recorded Live At Austin360 Amphitheater, Austin, TX, USA, June 20, 2018
DVD1-1 Intro: Delusions Of Saviour
DVD1-2 Repentless
DVD1-3 Blood Red
DVD1-4 Disciple
DVD1-5 Mandatory Suicide
DVD1-6 Hate Worldwide
DVD1-7 War Ensemble
DVD1-8 Jihad
DVD1-9 When The Stillness Comes
DVD1-10 Postmortem
DVD1-11 Black Magic
DVD1-12 Payback
DVD1-13 Seasons In The Abyss
DVD1-14 Dittohead
DVD1-15 Dead Skin Mask
DVD1-16 Hell Awaits
DVD1-17 South Of Heaven
DVD1-18 Raining Blood
DVD1-19 Chemical Warfare
DVD1-20 Angel Of Death
Recorded At Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX, USA, August 15, 2018
DVD2-1 Intro: Delusions Of Saviour
DVD2-2 Repentless
DVD2-3 Blood Red
DVD2-4 Disciple
DVD2-5 Mandatory Suicide
DVD2-6 Hate Worldwide
DVD2-7 War Ensemble
DVD2-8 Jihad
DVD2-9 When The Stillness Comes
DVD2-10 Postmortem
DVD2-11 Black Magic
DVD2-12 Payback
DVD2-13 Seasons In The Abyss
DVD2-14 Dittohead


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